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Heeeellllooooooo! :D It’ been a reaaaallllyyyyyyy long time since the last post and we hope that you girls haven’t missed us too much (: And well, there’s a really good reason as to why we haven’t been blogging so frequently ^^

Do you girls remember from our last post regarding our last online sales? Well, do you remember the theme for our banner? (scroll down a little further if you forgot, heh!) and all the little pieces of hints we left you guys? (: We’re back for a little update regarding that and to drop you more hints (: *winks*

So many clothes! :D Even men’s wear!

Preparing props! How pretty are these self-designed polaroids! :D

No such thing as too much makeup (:

Getting ready!

Polaroids +  Volkswagon Kombi = perfect match (:

Our kind of playful ^^


Mmmm, would love to have some right now (:

Are all these hints enough for you to guess what’s coming up for Little Red Heels? :P Does it sound exciting and enticing enough? ^^ Want more?

Stay tuned for something ‘RED’, rad and ‘MERRY’ this coming December 2012 :D

We can’t wait to spill it all out for you girls (and guys) because this excitement, is starting to get too big and hard for us to contain!

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Team LRH


what i wore, erm, this month

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First and foremost,

Glad you girls like it! We will still a little jittery considering
we’ve been cutting ourselves more slacks on LRH than we like.

Work is crazy, especially for Zi.
That poor babe. Hang in there, girl!

Here’s what we’ve been owing youuuu!

I think it will be more appropriately called,

WIWTW, as in what I wore this week
or maybe even WIWTM, i.e. this month.

Meh. My bad. *guilty grin

To kickstart things today, here’s WIWT!

This floral cropped top is in the line up for Little Red Heels (

Paired with a ribbed racer back singlet which will be launched, soon, too!
A little thinner than our previous Lego Singlet but it is ultra comfort and great fit.
Most of all, like its predecessor, it’s long enough to cover your bootie! We love!

This shall be a total vanity post
so here’s what I wore erm, that day.


My Merlion lookalike scallop hem shorts romper.

The resemblance is uncanny, but me like!



Received a lot of positive comments on the top that day. In any case,
those who thinks it’s fugly probably won’t tell me anyway. Heh.

As long as I like it! Whateverrrr.


Not only I like this, so do both our models, Xuan and Linda.
I only managed to lay my hands on 3 pieces for this adorable lace+dot combi.

You do the math. It’s longer up for sale on LRH. Urpsy. : )


Finally, the piece that my sister really like but can’t fit cause the bottom is really not stretchy.

This is the ONLY bandage till date that I look decent in.
All thanks to fat butt and humongous hips, but still thank you Mummy.

I heartttt GREEN! I think you will see me in this piece quite alot.

That’s it! : )

I’ll tryyyy to keep up with this. Pfft.

I’m also going away from 30MAR-03APR!

So possibly no WIWT during that period,
I’ll probably be wrapped up in ugly winter clothes,
and I don’t care if it’s ugly as long as it keeps me warm.


all items handled by me will have to wait till I come back yea?

It’ll be most advisable if you make payment by this Friday so
I can still try to send your packages over the weekend!

Thank you girls so much for your kind understanding and patience!

And of course, your continuous support! Love you all deep deep!


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