Lo and behold! So this is A.

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If you follow us on our social media channels, and especially Instagram (@aforarcade), you’ll probably be seeing us asking what’s A a lot and the massive hash tagging of #aforarcade.

I’m going to cut to the chase.

Little Red Heels is moving home. A bigger nicer home in fact.

With a cleaner layout to browse and shop in, a more efficient customer service system to track your orders, more payment gateways for fuss free and secure shopping; and these are just a few basic improvements that we have been dreaming of for quite a while.

It was hard at first because with every new milestone, we first had to bid goodbye to our current, i.e. But there’s no reason to be sad really, ’cause we may be in a new home but we are still Little Red Heels. Inside and out.

Never stop believing.

Our very first quote when we started out LRH six years ago reads, whoever says money can’t buy happiness, simply don’t know where to shop.

We are lucky to have assembled a wonderful team (who are LRH lovers themselves) to push forth this project and what we believe here at Little Red Heels. (Trust me, you are going to have lots of fun with them – we don’t know why we always attract people as crazy and loud.)

Now that you know what this is, we bring you..


A is for ARCADE.

Arcade greets you!

We wanted a name that embodies the core of Little Red Heels. Somewhat playful; lots of fun (and funny) to be around; with a dynamic and confident personality. Yet neutral – nothing too girly or mod – because we want our personality to assume the brand name, not the other way round.

And ARCADE resonates with all that we seek!

Here’s one more surprise.

We are going to have a new addition to the family – our very own menswear line (previously housed at – whose style fits in so perfectly with what we believe is Arcade. Think of it as your very fashionable boyfriend, brother, or maybe best guy pal.

So there you have it!

Thank you to all our loyal supporters of Little Red Heels all these years! We are what we are today because of you, you, you, you, you, you, all of youuuuuu!

This is not goodbye. We are pushing Little Red Heels and its spirit to higher grounds, and are truly excited about the plans we have.

In the weeks to come, we are going to unveil more of what’s to come and all that we have been preparing. Follow us on our social media channels, so you don’t miss out on anything ya!

Instagram @aforarcade
Facebook /aforarcade
Twitter @aforarcade
Web (yet to be up but you can bookmark first)



Love love,


(Images from @aforarcade’s Instagram. Yes, you are missing this out big time. Follow now.)


BTS: Pony Tale + Like and Share FB Promo

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Hello lovelies <3 GUESS WHO’S BACK? :D

We have been dying to show you girls what we’re launching in this collection because the clothes are soooooooo gorgeous and simply to die for!

It’s photoshoot day :D

Models for the day – LINDA & MIO :D

Once again, the sun wasn’t being very forgiving to us :( Being out there in the nature, didn’t help either because all of us were feeding grounds for mosquitoes. To add to all that, we were climbing up hills and roads to get the photos taken so imagine how shagged we were by the end of the shoot!

Minion #3 aka S was C’s little helper throughout the day!

The Colleen Paneled Top is such a basic and staple piece that every girls needs in their wardrobe! An extremely practical piece that matches with well, everything :P Pair it with a pair of shorts to combat Singapore’s really really really really horrendous weather or if you’re heading out for dinner, just throw on a bandage skirt and heels and you’re good to go :D

We read it as “CAUTION: HOT BABE AHEAD” Teehees :D

Abandoned paddocks! Isn’t it beautiful?

My favourite item in this collection – DUNGAREE BRALETTE :D :D


Seriously, what is there to hate about this bralette? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!! From the material, to the cut to the colours – CAN I JUST KEEP ALL THREE COLOURS TO MYSELF RIGHT NOW?! *hyperventilates* We absolutely love how the buckled adjustable strap and denim wash gives such a timeless and classic look :D We know you’re in love with this piece as much as we are ^^

S: “Wahhh, your legs very long!” Mio & Linda: *proceeds to flaunt their legs & make us jealous*

Girls doing what we do best (besides shopping) – CAMWHORING! :D :D BIG SMILES EVERYONE!

Selca *Self-Cam* time while waiting~~

A friend in need, is a friend indeed (:
The rocky & steep hills made walking in heels juuuuuussssst a little difficult~~

“Take me! My hair blends in with the grass and trees!” Hahahah you don’t say…..

C becoming one with nature just to get pretty shots!

The Tiffany Laser Cut Flare Dress comes in three exquisite colours – Wine Red, Black and Teal Green! We love how the dress brings  one from day to night, without even having to dress up much. The laser cut-out details at the front speaks for itself and the flare bottom brings it up a notch for that extra feminine feel (:

Horse – checked. Princesses – checked. Prince Charming? Not checked.

Where thou art thy Romeo? :(
(I secretly say – “there! behind you, washing your horse!” HEEEHEEEEEEES!)

The one item that we’re guessing most of you girls are looking forward to – THE NEOPRENE PLEATED SKIRT :D :D Even our model Linda couldn’t stop raving how gorgeous the Neon Lime piece is! For the not-so-daring girlies out there, do not worry! We have this gorgeous piece in Black and White too so you are not left out from owning one! We love how absolutely flattering and versatile this skirt is!

Instagram opportunity for Linda! :P #instagramaddict

Are you excited or excited for the launch? :D Just ONE more day for you girlies to get your hands on these really amazing pieces so hang in there (: Good things comes to those who wait :P

I want a pet horse toooooooooo!

If you have read this far, we have good news for you :D We’re currently having a Facebook promotion for all you girlies! All you have to do is SHOP the new collection: PONY TALE, like our Facebook page and share the preview album! (: 3 lucky winners will stand a chance to win one unreleased item each and 10 lucky winners will get to win a $10 discount voucher! Check out preview album of Pony Tale for the unreleased items.

Good lucks girlies! May the odds be ever in your favour :D

See you girls at (:
Pony Tale
24th August 2012, 8pm
Mark your calendars cos you know you won’t want to miss this collection!

LRH @ ST Classifieds Fashion & IT Showcase 2012

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…… and we’re back again! :D This time, with an update on an event that we were involved with over the last weekend of July!

By invitation only. So we were really honoured to have ST Classifieds extend their invitation to us (:

Along with other online stores, LRH set up our pop-up store at Suntec Convention Centre. We were such busy bees, packing items to sell and setting up of our booth but we’re glad everything was a success and we got to meet our lovely customers who dropped by as well ^^

Now, may I present to you – LITTLE RED HEELS’ VERY OWN POP-UP STORE :D

Our little cosy corner (:

To those who are wondering what this ST Classifieds Fasion & IT Showcase is about, it is basically an exhibition of  ‘notable’ *ahem* Fashion and IT brands in Singapore! (: For those who have attended the event, you would know that we put up some items for sale and were selling them at slightly lower prices. Not only that, customers who went for the event, were also given gift vouchers in their goodies :D So much goodness in one event! 

So to those who are reading this and you have our $2 gift vouchers, don’t forget to use them with your purchase when you shop with us online at because they are only valid till end August! 

Pretty clothes for sale!

Shop, shopping, shopped!

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all?” We brought our little friend, aptly named PONY along!

To those who came down to our little cosy corner to either say hello or to shop with us – TRUCKLOADS OF HUGS AND KISSES FOR YOU :D We hoped that you like the clothes which you have purchased from us! And to those who couldn’t make, not to worry! We have tons of pretty items in upcoming collections so you girls can be assured that you didn’t missed out much (:

Our ex-graphic designer & operations executive popped by  to show their support! LOVELOVE TO YOU K & S <3

With the pretty faces behind Her Velvet Vase, Mag & Clare :D

The LRH team has so much fun over the the last weekend of July, from meeting so many lovely people to shopping at the venue itself :D Work isn’t work when you’re having so much fun, right? Especially when you get to shop while working! ^^

Last but not least, we present to you the LRH Team :D

Presenting to you – minions A, S, J and Queen Min! The ladies of LRH!

The thorn amongst the roses! Nahhhh, JUST KIDDING! :P Minions A, S & J with Photog C :D

Can you spot some of the LRH items on us? :P There really tons of pretty clothes coming your way on Little Red Heels so don’t forget to keep your eyes glued on our website, Facebook page and Twitter :D

We’ll see you darlings very soon! <3


Loving Summer | Behind the Scenes of Summer Haze | Launching Sunday 15 Apr, 8pm!

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Hello ladies!

Hope your summer has been awesome so far! We say embrace our quirky weather and dress like you were born with the Sun.

To attest our love of summer (and of short swing skirts, denim shorts and anything free and flowy), we’ve come up with our next collection with some of our staff favourites!

(Ignore my pink comfort shoes, I was honestly trying to capture the mozzie bites. Itchy but totally worth it.)

We all got up real early because we really wanted to exhibit the ‘Summer-ish’ feel with the love from the morning sun.

We sure got lots of love. I swear I’m a two tone darker at the very least. Sadness.

( Grumpy old nanny doesn’t like to wait for the photog, esp under the scorching sun! )

( Our dear resident model always making sure she looks absolutely ‘Goddess-like’ on set! )

Everyone!! Say “HELLOOOO…” to our new gal on the block (i.e. girl in black) at Little Red Heels! <3

She’s SC, this petite young girl currently pursuing a degree in RDI, whose energy level is seriously off the roof. This is her first outdoor shoot helping out and she was the official Reflector Girl that day.

SC is also a handy girl ’cause she handmade the pretty floral headband whom everyone wanted a piece of (even the photog, scroll down).

Pretty talented aye? :))

( Doesn’t Xuan look like she descended from the gates of Heaven, away from the arms of THOR !?)

( Our Photog spotting the Summer Haze look. This theme is indeed infectious! )

( Another classic look from Xuan: “Are you like, done!?” )

One of my absolute favourite looks from the shoot. Leather jackets are way too cool!

( Whaddup. Mozzies are really sucking my blood. I swear I’m gonna faint like now… -_-“)

( Reasons for smiling: Last outfit of the day and “good company” (background). )

Five gruelling hours later. Our dedicated nimble team braved the sun and heat to bring to you our fabulous upcoming Summer Haze collection!

Excited yet? Remembered to bookmark our blog and like our FaceBook page to catch the first glimpse of the preview soon! Stay tunedddd.

Meanwhile, good luck on Friday the 13th ;)

New Collection: Summer Haze | Sun 15 Apr, 8pm Live!

Be there and get scorched by our hotness! =)

LRH loves you lots! XOXO.

A teaser first to get you tickled: we love confetti!

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More pictures later!

Meanwhile, will you please like us at LRH FaceBook page?
*puppy eyes*

here here here:

So that you get the latest updates too!

New series on 9JUN2011, THU/9PM; a collaboration with TTR!

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I absolutely love love love this season. All the bright bold colours; totally yummilicious!

I just secretly hope this trend stays for long so everyone can just indulge in the happy vibes a while longer. Seeing happy colours, and wearing them. I bet there are less depressed people around too.

Smile, people, smile! : )

Following a very happy launch with TVD and MGG for our Lampshade Skirt, this week Little Red Heels collaborated with The Tinsel Rack to bring a super adorable scallop hem AND polkadot tank dress. Basically, we just throw all that we love into the dress and it came out like that! Haha. We like.

LRH has it in poppy red with nude polkadots & cabbage green with navy polkadots;

while TTR has it in strawberry shortcake with black polkadots & bubblegum blue with nude polkadots.

I deliberately wore it out yesterday before the launch so I can make sure the colour is true to pic when I do the photoshop-ping, and so I can feel the happy vibes as we launched it! Heh.

Muahaha. Sorry, it’s all crumpled. I was rushing out in the morning but seriously, this material just smooths out as you wear it. So heh, pardon me ok? If you are sharp to realise, I took away the sash later in the day ’cause I saw this cute pink patent belt lying around and it just totally made the whole dress even cuter!

Anyway, the girls looks superb in this dress! I think Nicole especially rock the cabbage green shade with her super fair complexion.

Here’s the link to buy the dress: Poppies Scallop Dress

And this is TTR’s colours: Poppies Scallop Dress

Dingxuan is seriously crazy. Haha. But we all love herrrr! : )

All these collaborations are really fun! We had wanted to do photoshoots together but it’s so hard to get all the schedules to meet, but it’s still really good experience for us at Little Red Heels! Much l♥♥♥ve to TVD, MGG & TTR! : )

Tell us if you like them at our formspring!

Gonna stop abruptly now and off to sleep!
Long day tomorrow, but it’s TGIF babeeees!
Hang on there & enjoy your weekends! : )

Psst.. Go to to check out Linda’s latest hairstyle!

Lampshade Skirt will be launched 05/JUN, 8pm! LRH in collaboration with TVD & MGG. Preview of all colours here:

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26 September / Waterfall Racerback Maxi, we love!

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Another of our manufactured item,

Waterfall Racerback Maxi
grab it now

On Linda.

As seen on Min in Tokyo. :)

Link up to Little Red Heels!

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Hi babes, if you like us and will like to link us up from your blog or site. Here’s how you can do it through HTML:




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Little Red Heels goes to Zouk Flea N Easy!

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Min will be away from 03AUG-07AUG

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Hi darlings,

I will be going for a short escapade from 03AUG – 07AUG. Whee!

If you have already made payment, your packages will be sent out today. (Please refer to ORDER STATUS to check if your package is out.)

If you still have any pending transactions with me, please make your payment latest tomorrow, 02AUG at 11AM, so I can send out your packages before I leave.

Else, you will have to wait till I am back before I can mail our your items yea?

The above applies for the items that I handling. The list of items are as follows. If the item is not listed below, it means that Xiang is handling those items and she will get back to you as usual!

Anything Satin Dress
Autumn Sling
BF Shirtdress
Black and White Dotties
Black Rose Netted Stockings
Bow Over oversized clutch
Childmate Charm
Deafening Silence Tunic
Definitely Maybe Top
Footless Opaque Stockings
Full Leg Opaque Stockings
Greens Skirt
Halter Overalls
Knee Socks Opaque Stockings
Lala Dress
Mini Tube Dress
Monik Top
Musical Chairs
Office Chic Skirt
Open Secret Tunic
Postman Bag
Psychedelic Prints Top
Rainbow Necklace
Reese Lippie
Samantha Eyelet
Sasha HiSkirt
Silent Scream Blouse
Solid Over Stripes Tunic
Starry Starry Night Scarf
Step-Ons Opaque Stockings
Stitches Dress
Tartan Sun
Whether Necklace
Whipped Cream Top
Whoops Blouse
With Love

That’s a pretty long list! Till I am back, take care loves!

Love love,

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Upcoming Event | LRH at Zouk Flea N Easy, 17 AUG 2008

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