“Moving on” S A L E >> | 11 Oct 2200hrs – 14 Oct 2200hrs

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S A L E – The four letter word all girls love most! No denying about that eh!!

Our webstore will be updated with the ‘Marked-down’ prices on Thurs (11/10) night, 10pm  and reverted back to usual prices on Sun (14/10) night 10pm. Store will also be closed tmr, Thurs (11/10) 4pm-10pm for updates. So you have now till then to browse and make a list of what you want. All items except the last two collections; Basics and Two of a Kind, all Basics and BO designs, will be on ridiculous price reductions.

If you remember our last “Biggest SALE Ever”, this SALE is just as big if not BIGGER!!!!.

Before we go further, here’s the HOW to SHOP (Terms and Conditions) that will ensure you get the items you so yearn for at ridiculously low prices and most importantly, within the shortest possible time!!


1. Unpaid Invoices will be deleted every 6 hours, so please ensure timely payments.

2. No combining of invoices as this will greatly slow down our order’s processing which will in turn delay your shipments

3. No changes can be made once your order has been placed as this will also result in delay of shipments

4. Store Credits and Promos of any kind are not applicable to purchases made during this SALE period

5. Goods sold during this SALE period are strictly non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-returnable

6. We sincerely apologize if replies during this period are slow as our office do not operate over the weekends. As such please start browsing the store once you see this to decide what you want to buy so you do not have to wait for a reply, cos by then we are sure the item would already have been snatched up

7. Please make sure payments for your invoices are in by Sunday 14 Oct 2359hrs, this is to ensure fairness to all customers who makes responsible and fast purchases. If payment comes in late, your invoices that has no payment details submitted will be considered void and deleted from the system

8. Lastly, Self-collection option is now made available when you submit your payment details. Simply enter a ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ in the ‘Address’ and ‘Postal Code’ fields respectively to notify us when you would like to come down to our office (511 Guillemard Rd Grandlink Square #02-30 S399849) for self-collection.

**Collections can only be done starting Wednesday 17 Oct, choose a time within the time slots of 2-5pm or 5-8pm on weekdays. This is the timing you will indicate within the ‘Postal Code’ field when you submit payment details

<3 <3 <3


Now that we’re done with the T&Cs of navigating this SALE, reason for such a theme for our SALE banner??

It’s been 6 years since LRH began as a quaint little store that peddles DIY accessories to now, curating and manufacturing clothings that caters to the trend sensitive youths of our generation. We are “Moving On” to the next chapter within the coming few months. If you haven’t heard, we have started a new menswear line

What’s to come out of this two entities, and It’s something we hope you will stay tune for. That’s all we can reveal for now… :)

* HINT * The image above actually has a subtle hint to our rebranding/realignment directions. You will understand in the coming months. LOL

Big cheers to all our loyal supporters,




Preview for today’s series up! 24JULY2011 / 9PM; we love confetti! :)

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Also, you girls have been asking about the super awesome colour-licious belts
that has been paired in many of our recent collections!


We are giving away these belts to THREE of our favourite hashtags on
Twitter and/or Instagram! We will also be sharing these piktures on the blog! Woohoo! : )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Like us on FaceBook to receive instant updates!

Get your heart pumping for tonight’s launch, 9PM! Preview here:

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Because good things are worth the wait!

This series is set to get your heart pumping with this cute little hi-waisted shorts.
Another collaboration with TTR after our very adorable POPPIES DRESS. :)

We swear you will love tonight’s launch because we put so much love into it,
with clouds hanging in the backdrop and little lovebirds swimming amongst.

The girls were having so much fun that day!
Man, we love shoots like these.

Here’s the preview for tonight’s launch:


New series on 9JUN2011, THU/9PM; a collaboration with TTR!

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I absolutely love love love this season. All the bright bold colours; totally yummilicious!

I just secretly hope this trend stays for long so everyone can just indulge in the happy vibes a while longer. Seeing happy colours, and wearing them. I bet there are less depressed people around too.

Smile, people, smile! : )

Following a very happy launch with TVD and MGG for our Lampshade Skirt, this week Little Red Heels collaborated with The Tinsel Rack to bring a super adorable scallop hem AND polkadot tank dress. Basically, we just throw all that we love into the dress and it came out like that! Haha. We like.

LRH has it in poppy red with nude polkadots & cabbage green with navy polkadots;

while TTR has it in strawberry shortcake with black polkadots & bubblegum blue with nude polkadots.

I deliberately wore it out yesterday before the launch so I can make sure the colour is true to pic when I do the photoshop-ping, and so I can feel the happy vibes as we launched it! Heh.

Muahaha. Sorry, it’s all crumpled. I was rushing out in the morning but seriously, this material just smooths out as you wear it. So heh, pardon me ok? If you are sharp to realise, I took away the sash later in the day ’cause I saw this cute pink patent belt lying around and it just totally made the whole dress even cuter!

Anyway, the girls looks superb in this dress! I think Nicole especially rock the cabbage green shade with her super fair complexion.

Here’s the link to buy the dress: Poppies Scallop Dress

And this is TTR’s colours: Poppies Scallop Dress

Dingxuan is seriously crazy. Haha. But we all love herrrr! : )

All these collaborations are really fun! We had wanted to do photoshoots together but it’s so hard to get all the schedules to meet, but it’s still really good experience for us at Little Red Heels! Much l♥♥♥ve to TVD, MGG & TTR! : )

Tell us if you like them at our formspring!

Gonna stop abruptly now and off to sleep!
Long day tomorrow, but it’s TGIF babeeees!
Hang on there & enjoy your weekends! : )

Psst.. Go to to check out Linda’s latest hairstyle!

We’ve been mentioned! :)

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You don’t know how elated we are to know that we are mentioned. : )

And I say we’ve BEEN,
’cause the blog post of came up on 15MAR10
and we only realised like, now. Urps.

Appreciate lots lots lots nonetheless!
We are indeed flattered and happy to be remembered, loved
and considered as one of the reigning queens of the blogshop world.

Thank you and Min Yan!

♥     ♥     ♥    ♥    ♥

Here’s the except from:

Little Red Heels

Previously known as LittleRedHeels, now ILoveLRH, owners Min and Xiang owned what could be considered one of the pioneering blogshops in the blogsphere. While many of the earlier blogshops played it safe with their presentations, LRH surged ahead with their gorgeous edgy layouts that looked straight out of the pages of a fashion spread, unique clothing not found in any other blogshop and of course, excellent service. Even if the clothes did not catch our eye in a particular collection, the amazing photography was well worth a second (third, and fourth) look, making LRH one of our early favourites.

LRH has since migrated to a dotcom domain and revamped its site to create a more professional feel. While service standards remain as professional as ever, the beautiful spreads have unfortunately been abandoned, possibly due to a lack of time on the part of the owners. Shame! Nevertheless, we are still fans of their simple and clean layout at the new site and their quirky collections!

♥     ♥     ♥    ♥    ♥

I think everyone misses our outdoor shoots. We too.

Time for us to work something out, you think? : )

WIWT, 9mar & oh glorious gel nails!

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I always wanted to do a WIWT, aka what I wore today,
but am never narcissistic enough to do so.

Or maybe I am just lazy to post up the pics.

Or too shy to admit that I am a closet narcissist.

Whatever it is.

I gather that since everyday is an effort to dress up and look good,
might as well max it out and share the look.

Today my family and I took a short trip to KL and back, all within a day.

I wore my yellow skirt romper, which my sis claims I look like
a certain cartoon character who wears yellow skirt romper too (can’t rmbr exactly).

I likey!

Look out for this skirt romper on Little Red Heels (!
Perhaps give me 3 more weeks? Heh. :)

My sis was with us this recent work trip! Her first and she seems to like it a lot. Good for her! :)
Under her influence and with the abundance of time , we went to do THIS!

Mine, then hers.

FML. First time doing gel nails. Very noob and amazed at the same time.

Extreme girliness and a tad bimbo-fied.
I feel like slapping myself each time I look at my nails. Haha.

Don’t try, don’t know hor.

Thing is, I think I can very well get used to this.
It doesn’t handicap me from anything so far, but we will see.

Anyhow, I have been away from Little Red Heels of late due to work commitments.
Everyone should give Zi a round of applause ’cause even though she is horrendously busy busy herself,
she has managed to keep more or less on the ball with LRH.

She even refurnished the website with a new side bar, with the help of our mystery tech person of course!
Kudos to both of you! It did help alleviate a lot of stress. Muaks!

I’ll be back in action very soon, after I tie up all the loose knots from the recent absence.

Thank you to the girls who have given us some much understanding and patience!
It’s very much appreciated! Thank youuuuu and loveeee! :)

Love love,


You don’t have to like what I wear, I am just highly adventurous in what I wear
and am very comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t photoshop my pictures to make myself slimmer/taller/prettier
but do adjust lightings for obvious aesthetic reasons,
and yes, I do not deny choosing and snapping my better angles.

Love each another!

look what we found

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If there is anything closer to coincidence, this is it!

Look what we found when surfing

A polkadot dress that looks eerily similar to the vintage piece we self manufactured right out of my mummy’s wardrobe.

Screen shot 2009-11-09 at AM 02.42.48

But I am not complaining!

Not when what we did is less than a quarter of what they are offering on ASOS.
(Don’t get me wrong, I love ASOS but I also love a good deal.)

If you haven’t got yours, buy it here now:

Link up to Little Red Heels!

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Hi babes, if you like us and will like to link us up from your blog or site. Here’s how you can do it through HTML:




<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″></a><br>






<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″></a> <br>




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LRH-NTM: Keep them coming!

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Hi babes,

Thank you for all the applications! We are really happy to know that there are you girls out there who are interested to join our team!

While we deliberate, keep the applications coming! : )

Love love,
Min & Xiang

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Isolated Crowd revisited

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It has been a little hauntingly quiet at Little Red Heels last week. As in no updates, no new preorders, no blog posts. (Keep those orders coming in! Thank youuu so much darlings!)

I know. We know. Updates please! We hear you. : )

See, Xiang has been preparing to go for a work trip! (I’m not saying where, but let’s just say, I am dead envious!) Setting off this Saturday, dear Xiang will only be back 2 weeks later! That lucky girl!

And me, my university convocation is taking place in exactly 12 hours time so that has kind of kept me busy for a while over the span of last week. I promise to launch something good after the official close of my academic life. Stay tune, would you?

To distract a little, here’s some behind the scene shots from the latest launch – Isolated Crowd:

The loots to start off the shoot,

The loots

As comfortable as we look,
we are actually itching like hell.

Mosquitoes aplenty

The place is really pretty,
and we were feeling more inspired than usual.

Through the lens

Through the lens

Through the lens

We begin with some stretching,

Xiang stretching

And we can never end without
the help of these two mystery persons.

Thank youuuu!

Mystery person

Mystery person

The mosquitoes really suck. Literally.

Mosquitoes aplenty

But yes, we still love outdoor shoots alot alot!

Min on

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Hi darlings, it’s up! Like finally.

I can’t describe how tense the last few moments was. Suddenly, some things just quit working. And because Xiang and I are both totally helpless in the world of SQL/PHP/FTP/ASP and the like, we could only turn to our one and only but absolutely amazing IT guy to solve the issues. Sorry we gave you hell, man, but it’s really hard work paid off. : )

So Murphy’s Law took its place again but thankfully, instead of postponing the launch to another day which we had fear, we managed to get it up by 11:30pm. For those who were waiting and refreshing the site frantically, we apologise very very very deeply for the delay. Xiang told me one of you girls messaged her saying you don’t dare to leave the computer. Hahaha. Sorry darling, we hope it’s a wait worthwhile for you.

Sorry girls once again and above all, we are really extremely touched by all the nice comments. was a project that has been delayed for a year. We know how some of you girls like LJ because it is more personalised. We get to reply to each of your comments, and we get to chat over emails. It was through this, we got to know many of you girls on a deeper level and this was also part of the reason why I enjoy LRH so much. : )

But we eventually decided to take the plunge and move to a dot com because there are certain aspects of LJ that are simply too time consuming. Basic things like replying comments often take us up to 2-3 days, despite pulling all nighters and working as fast we can possibly can. The bottomline is efficiency and Lj was getting too much for us.

With the website, you get your payment details automatically if the item is available. The system prompts you for email if the item is pending and if the existing customer fails to made payment within 24 hours, it will release the item to the next in line. The check out system is constructed to be as close as LJ as possible. You select your items, then all you need to do is to key in your email add, confirm the items once again and we’ll send you the payment details immediately. In short, it’s automation.

But we are very sure even with automation, we had to keep the PERSONALISED factor of LJ and the entire concept of the website revolves around that. Like the way we do up our photos, our signature thematic series, down to how the system operates. And the birth of this blog which is really meant to be a medium to share and talk like before. (Hence, please comment more! It’s getting a little lonely here. Heh.)

The site is far from perfect and we are still adding in more features and moulding some other aspects to make it better. Do let us know if you come across any bugs or errors. Or if you like us to include something or exclude something, let us know too! We will look into that! For now, we have a CONTACT US link at the bottom right hand corner of the window. Or if it is something we can all discuss, leave a comment here! : )

Last but not least, thank youuuu for being with us as we venture into the next stage of Little Red Heels. It hasn’t been easy but we’ll keep going, keep improving.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is what’s really going on in our photoshoot when we ran out of poses.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Love love, Min

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