BTS: WE DO FUN | Launching on 16 Sept Sunday 7pm

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Greeting my fellow girlies :D

After two indoor shoots, we’re out busking under the sun again! This time, we welcomed the sun with open arms as the weather has been a little crazy lately and was so worried that it’ll rain on our parade but it didn’t :D *pops confetti* Also, we were a little psyched about this shoot cause we wanted to ride the Quadricycle so badly!

Necessity for a day out by the beach (:

So much fun and quirky items up for grabs in this collection :D And the one item that so many of you girls have been looking forward to – SWAG SUEDE SHORTS :D :D

Perfect day spent by the beach!

We really love how versatile this pair of shorts is! You can honestly match it with almost anything and its suede/velvet material take the swag level of your outfit up a notch :D Just remember to turn the shorts inside out when you wash and iron it to ensure the quality of the shorts is maintained! Did we also mentioned that it comes with a complimentary black leather belt? :P

“Do you remember we were sitting there by the waters?”

Another cute/quirky piece in this collection is our Dainty Daisies Tie Top (: Take the retro 70s fashion and modernize it by pairing it with a maxi skirt or a cute pair of shorts :D Throw on a pair of shades and you’re all ready to combat Singapore’s heat, looking all chic and cute!

V looking so cute, as always :D Cannot resist!

Model M is finally back to shoot with us! :D Yaaaay! We finally get to see her pretty again! She’s always such a joy to have around cause she is just so bubbly and brings so much energy to the set :D

Lucky girl got a piggy-back while the rest of us had to walk……

M is excited to ride the quadricycle :D

Hired a quadricycle and everyone, including photographer C and the little minions couldn’t wait to ride on it! We were all acting like little kids on Christmas Eve :P

No one can resist ice cream! :D

LRH’s cover girls ^^

Our models are so mean :( Cycling away to the destination while they leave photographer C and minion #3 behind :(

One of my favourite item in this collection is the Holiday Trippin’ Top :D I absolutely loveeeeeeeeee tops with the chinese-collar as it is such a very flattering design (: Not to mention, LRH has already manufactured in light-weight chiffon, perfect to combat the heat and also for layering :D Fell in love with it immediately when the stocks arrived at our office! Both Model V and I bought the top in Mint and White cause it is just tooooo gorgeous!

Stylo milo M in our Holiday Trippin’ Top in Spring Bud Green :D

V wearing our Holiday Trippin’ Top in Salmon pink! :D

If you’re not in love with our Holiday Trippin’ Top, you need to get your eyes checked :P Teehees! The top is sheer so wearing a inner piece is definitely recommended (: LRH do sell basics on our website so just in case you girls need to pick up one, you know where to find it :P #shamelesslypromoting

Yet another Instagram moment~~

Models lovin’ :D

Min is also having her own share of fun too! (:

Min and Minion #3 :D *pats back* You both have worked hard! :P


A girl can never resist any floral printed top/dress/shorts so how can we resist the Paradise Criss-Cross Frock? :D The highlight of this dress is that it features a really cute and unique criss-cross back (: LRH is letting you girls bring sexy back ^.^v

We know a lot of you girls are eyeing some items so don’t forget to remember our launch date!





BTS: PEDDLE POP | Launching on 9 Sept Sunday 7PM

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TGIT! (Thank God It’s Thursday) because we now have one less day to our next launch, PEDDLE POP! :D

Typical sight in our office on a shoot day!

The colours in this collection , makes me feel so happy that it almost feels like I’m in heaven :P  Purchasing items from this collection makes me feel like I’m purchasing a rainbow, hehehe! Am I making any sense? Every single item is so bright, cheery and happy that if I were in a really foul mood, seeing these clothes in my wardrobe would instantly cheer me up ^^

Another reason for me (or LRH) to be happy is because… MODEL J IS FINALLY BACK WITH US :D She finally has time for Little Red Heels, wooohooooo! :D And also, we’re happy to have Model V back with us too!

J in our Paddle Pop Maxi Skirt (White/Orgasm Pink)

GORGEOUS ISN’T IT?! If you loved or Maxi Side Slit Skirt, I can guarantee you girls that you will be equally smitten with this skirt too (: Doesn’t Jayne look like a princess in it? As wrong as this may sound, I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off her :P Pretty face + pretty outfit= ultimate killer combo! :D

The skirt is also available in Seafoam Green/Pineapple Yellow and Mint Green/Lavender Purple (: If you’re worried that the colours might be too difficult to match, fret not! It is actually really quite easy to play with the looks and colours (: You can dress it up for a dinner or play it down for a casual boho look!

V in our Mint Green/Lavender Purple Paddle Pop Maxi Skirt :D

J in our Seafoam Green/Pineapple Yellow Paddle Pop Maxi Skirt (:

To those who are wondering, J is 1.7cm tall and the skirt reaches her ankle while V is very petite and is about 1.58cm tall so our maxi skirt covers her legs nicely (: It is meant to be worn at the waist (above your belly button) so when you girls take your measurements, please do so at the waist area :)

So cute & chummy together :D

Adding to the many likes of basics, LRH also presents to you our Mandy Cut-In Racer Top :D Manufactured in super stretchy and comfy cotton (just like our Mod Crop Top) and in four really cute colours, HOW TO RESIST?!!!! ^_^v We have some of you girls emailing us when we were going to launch this item after seeing it at Kiss Jane so tadaahhhhhh! It is up for grabs this Sunday (:

V is wearing our Mandy Cut-In Racer Top in White, paired with one of our favourite shorts at LRH :D

And this is definitely one of my favourite-st item from LRH! :D :D :D :D I will not just give one thumb up. I’ll put up all 10 of my fingers and toes for LRH’s Bo-Peeh Cut Out Shirt Dress! Even though there is only three colours available, I still had a hard time deciding which colour to purchase! Was this close to purchasing the dress in all three colours (shopaholic alert!!) because THE.DRESS.IS.JUST.TOO.PERFECT!!! No, I’m not even kidding!

I really love how the cut-out design gives the dress and your look that extra ompphhh to make you stand out in the crowd (: And it also give the illusion for a smaller waist (yes, I’m a cheater).  The dress itself is such a tease – you are showing skin but not too much till it becomes slutty :P

We love watching V have so much fun during our photoshoots! :B

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, J is about 1.7cm tall so the dress may be slightly short on girls who are the same height as her (: I am about 164cm tall and the dress ends slightly just around my mid-thighs (: Hope that this is a good gauge for girls who are interested in purchasing the dress!

J waiting patiently for her turn to shoot (:

Our Shimmer-Me-Aplenty Crochet top is a really cute piece to add to our wardrobe! (: The top is fully-lined so you do not have to worry about it being see-through or having to go through all the hassle of finding a inner piece to pair with it :) This top is a new arrival at LRH’s office (like literally just arrived) and we were so excited about this piece that we decided to launch it ahead of schedule :P No need to thank us ^_^

So my fellow shopaholics, I’ll see you this Sunday, 9th September 2012, 7PM at alright? :D Better not forget or else you will only have yourself to blame when items are out of stock :P We’ll be uploading previews so don’t forget to like our Facebook page if you haven’t (:



BTS: INSPIRIT | Launching on 2 Sept Sunday 7PM

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Hello lovelies, we’re back again with yet another awesome collection! :D *does a little cute dance*

This time, we didn’t let the heat get to us cause it was an indoor shoot :D Yaay to air-conditioning! Little Red Heels vs Sun 1:0 :D We are always happy to have new faces with us and this time, we have models V and J with us :D

Model V getting ready for her first shoot with us :D Glad to have you onboard V (:

Working the camera like a pro, we love! (:

And yes, that’s our very own self manufactured Tweedy Tribal Shorts in Pink (Model V wears a size S and is a UK 6) and we cannot stop complimenting how GORGEOUS this pair of shorts is (: Even Minion #2 and Minion #3 were having such a hard time deciding which colour to purchase :P

Our model J getting ready while V shoots!

*sings I’m sexy and I know it*

Model J is a UK6 and wears Size S for our Tweedy Tribal Shorts (:

We love how versatile our Ariel Fish Tail Mermaid Top is (: Pair it with our Tweedy Tribal Shorts and throw on a pair of boots on those days you feel lazy or pair it with skinnies on the highest of heels that you’ve got in your shoe rack on days you feel like just a little sexier than usual :P We love spoiling you girls for choice so this top comes in four colours! Made of light-weight chiffon, you are definitely more than ready to conquer our horrendous weather in Singapore (yes, I always talk about the weather because I REEAAAALLLY cannot tolerate our illegal humid weather)


(Yes, we have another Instagram addict in the house!)

Don’t they look so squishy and cute in our Holly Jolly Embroidered Top? :D We love how fun and adorkable (yes, adorable + dorky = adorkable) this piece is (: Models J and V are in Coral and Yellow respectively and both of them are wearing size S (:  The thing about Little Red Heels that you girls have to always remember is that, we always try our best to make our clothes as awesome-ly as we can in terms of colours, design, material and fit :D Yes, basically, you have to remember that everything about Little Red Heels is, WE ARE JUST THAT AWESOME! ^^

Mandatory photo of our very awesome photographer C! :D :D

Minion #3 with Model V who loves wearing heels + Photog C!

Who simply just cannot resist my super awesome sunnies :D

And while we were all having fun during our photoshoot, Minion #2 aka our operations executive is busy with replying and packing all your emails! Everyone, please be kind to her & show her all your love okay? :D


YES YES, FINALLY! We have heard all of your desperate cries (drama mama over here, hehe! ^^) and so we are going to launch everyone’s favourite UPTOWN GIRL SLIM FIT BLAZER :D Even model V couldn’t stop raving about how gorgeous the blazer in Mint is :D So we are really not exaggerating when we say that this item is super worth all the love and attention it is getting :D

A peek at our upcoming romper :D Can a romper get any cuter than this? :P

It’s time for you girls to start feeling young and free spirited all over again (: We know it’s already September and the year is just zooming past . Take a breather, add some colours and just enjoy life (: It is okay to take things slow. It is okay to be young, to feel young, no matter how old you are (: Seeing how young, cute and free-spirited our models were during the shoot, it made me realised how I’ve been so caught up with life itself that I forget to take things slow and just enjoy life ! *cues music for We Are Young*

So, I’m going to make a change in my life. And what is my first step in making a change? By shopping at www. tomorrow night (2nd Sept, Sunday) 7PM^^

Please help to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our FB fanpage where we have uploaded preview photos and measurements to prep you for the clicking frenzy!!

2nd September 2012


BTS: Pony Tale + Like and Share FB Promo

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Hello lovelies <3 GUESS WHO’S BACK? :D

We have been dying to show you girls what we’re launching in this collection because the clothes are soooooooo gorgeous and simply to die for!

It’s photoshoot day :D

Models for the day – LINDA & MIO :D

Once again, the sun wasn’t being very forgiving to us :( Being out there in the nature, didn’t help either because all of us were feeding grounds for mosquitoes. To add to all that, we were climbing up hills and roads to get the photos taken so imagine how shagged we were by the end of the shoot!

Minion #3 aka S was C’s little helper throughout the day!

The Colleen Paneled Top is such a basic and staple piece that every girls needs in their wardrobe! An extremely practical piece that matches with well, everything :P Pair it with a pair of shorts to combat Singapore’s really really really really horrendous weather or if you’re heading out for dinner, just throw on a bandage skirt and heels and you’re good to go :D

We read it as “CAUTION: HOT BABE AHEAD” Teehees :D

Abandoned paddocks! Isn’t it beautiful?

My favourite item in this collection – DUNGAREE BRALETTE :D :D


Seriously, what is there to hate about this bralette? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!! From the material, to the cut to the colours – CAN I JUST KEEP ALL THREE COLOURS TO MYSELF RIGHT NOW?! *hyperventilates* We absolutely love how the buckled adjustable strap and denim wash gives such a timeless and classic look :D We know you’re in love with this piece as much as we are ^^

S: “Wahhh, your legs very long!” Mio & Linda: *proceeds to flaunt their legs & make us jealous*

Girls doing what we do best (besides shopping) – CAMWHORING! :D :D BIG SMILES EVERYONE!

Selca *Self-Cam* time while waiting~~

A friend in need, is a friend indeed (:
The rocky & steep hills made walking in heels juuuuuussssst a little difficult~~

“Take me! My hair blends in with the grass and trees!” Hahahah you don’t say…..

C becoming one with nature just to get pretty shots!

The Tiffany Laser Cut Flare Dress comes in three exquisite colours – Wine Red, Black and Teal Green! We love how the dress brings  one from day to night, without even having to dress up much. The laser cut-out details at the front speaks for itself and the flare bottom brings it up a notch for that extra feminine feel (:

Horse – checked. Princesses – checked. Prince Charming? Not checked.

Where thou art thy Romeo? :(
(I secretly say – “there! behind you, washing your horse!” HEEEHEEEEEEES!)

The one item that we’re guessing most of you girls are looking forward to – THE NEOPRENE PLEATED SKIRT :D :D Even our model Linda couldn’t stop raving how gorgeous the Neon Lime piece is! For the not-so-daring girlies out there, do not worry! We have this gorgeous piece in Black and White too so you are not left out from owning one! We love how absolutely flattering and versatile this skirt is!

Instagram opportunity for Linda! :P #instagramaddict

Are you excited or excited for the launch? :D Just ONE more day for you girlies to get your hands on these really amazing pieces so hang in there (: Good things comes to those who wait :P

I want a pet horse toooooooooo!

If you have read this far, we have good news for you :D We’re currently having a Facebook promotion for all you girlies! All you have to do is SHOP the new collection: PONY TALE, like our Facebook page and share the preview album! (: 3 lucky winners will stand a chance to win one unreleased item each and 10 lucky winners will get to win a $10 discount voucher! Check out preview album of Pony Tale for the unreleased items.

Good lucks girlies! May the odds be ever in your favour :D

See you girls at (:
Pony Tale
24th August 2012, 8pm
Mark your calendars cos you know you won’t want to miss this collection!

A Scoop Or Two

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Hello darlings! :D

It’s been a while! We have been so busy lately with our biggest online sale till date, pop-up store at ST Classified event (more on that in a while) and now, we bring you our first collection of August :D What better way to welcome a new month AND celebrate National Day with some retail therapy right? :P

Can you girls guess where we are? ^^

Yes! That’s right :D We’re at Dempsey for our shoot and it was soooooooo humid that day. And what better way to combat the heat with….. ICE CREAMMMMMMMM :D

Introducing our models for this collection – MIO & EUNICE :D Guest appearance by ICE CREAM :D

We are so happy to have a new face with us for this collection (: Introducing to you our new goddess – EUNICE ANNABEL :D Pssst, did we mention that Eunice is in the running for The New Paper New Face 2012? ^^ So we’re definitely honoured to have her with us for this photo shoot!

Both M and E are wearing one of my favourite items in this collection – THE RAINFOREST TEE TOP! Perfect for Singapore’s humid weather (: Don’t you just love the colours and print of this tee top and how it matches with almost anything and everything? From shorts to jeans to skirts, definitely a must-have item in your wardrobe!

Tee Top in everyone’s favourite print – AZTEC!!

If you love our Hookec Aztec Bustier, you will definitely love this piece as well :D Pictures does not do justice to how absolutely gorgeous this piece is in real life. I have personally abused this top too often last week (I committed fashion suicide by wearing this top out three times in a week!) and received so much compliments as to how lovely the prints and material is *flicks hair* :D

Despite the sweltering heat, both photog C and Min are working so hard together with our models! *pats back*

Kudos to model M for still being all smiles even though it was so humid (Y)
(yeah, I cannot stop complaining about the heat, it was THAT hot)

M is totally working the cute factor in our Wallpaper Floral Shorts ^.^v  A girl can never have too many shorts in their wardrobe, let alone floral prints (: You girls are definitely gonna love this pair of shorts! It’s such a fun piece which you can work ANY look with :D

Model E is wearing our Wallpaper Floral Shorts in Dark Denim & Ballerina Scoop Back Sleeve Top.

Love how E looks like she’s ready to head to school in one and the other, she is all sexy and fierce :D Same items, different feel and look (: I wasn’t lying at all when I said the items in this collection are super versatile and super easy to mix and match right? ^^ Are you fingers itching to shop already yet? :P

Model M looking all doll-like in our Ballerina Scoop Back Sleeve Top

A re-make of the Mod Crop Top, the Ballerina Scoop Back Sleeve Top comes in four lovely colours – Black, White, Rose Pink and Royal Blue :D Who can resist such pretty colours? Afraid it’ll be too hot because of the three-quarters sleeves? The top is made of a cotton-lycra mix material so it’s extremely comfy to wear :D No worries about looking un-glam due to perspiration ^^

Our summer goddesses bringing sexy back in our Peek Shoulder Dress!

Can’t stop raving about how pretty the Peek Shoulder Dress is! It’s such a simple dress with amazing details aka the cross-back and flutter sleeves :D This dress can bring your look from daytime casual to night time glamourous, depending on how you dress up your look (:

Are you girls excited about our upcoming launch? All I can say is, don’t underestimate this mini collection (: We will never short-change your wardrobe for anything less than awesome! All of you are gonna be spoiled for choice!

See you lovelies this coming TUESDAY, 7TH AUGUST 2012, 8PM for the launch of A Scoop Or Two :D

Pssss: We have a National Day promo for our upcoming launch :P Stay tune to our Facebook for the details ^^



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Hello babes, Min here! Hugs and kisses. <3

I haven’t been blogging a long time for Little Red Heels. Hope all is good for everyoneeeee!

Things has been busy busy for LRH of late – sourcing for designs, brainstorming for launch ideas, looking for awesome photoshoot venues and working on a secret (ssshhh) project at the same time. More on the latter in time to come. :)

So everyone loves the Hooked Bustier Tops we know, and because you girls ask for it, we found your new swag print of the season, AZTEC! Woohoo. We were super excited about this and trying hard to keep it down till it’s time to launch it.

Introducing the models for the collection:

Since we are at a skating park, we decided to loan our minions’ blades just for fun, and mind you, our minions are purportedly really good skaters.

We started with some crash course for dear Model J, who on hindsight, is a pretty fast learner (as compared to *** , scroll down).

Model M is wearing our new split side maxi skirt, my super love pick for this collection! You have to own this, really.

(Side note: Mio is a really good skater. She actually skated up the ramp, applause! Looks and talent rolled into one. Envious much.)

To inject more fun, we got Jayne a pink honey bear fur hat for the shoot and everyone wants a piece of it!

Hoho. Jayne is totally rocking the look and is super Jappy cute in it!

Haha, photog C is going to kill me. So cute lar!

Even the models are laughing at him.

I’ll balanced the joke on Collin with some embarrassing shots of me attempting to blade. -_-”

For the record, I really suck at this. I was shrieking, falling and crashing into walls. Then my butt started cramping up minutes after. Sigh.

Sorry Jaynie baby for laughing at you. YOU WIN. Heh. :)

Thanks Minion K for being the patient teacher, you girls have to show us how to do it like a pro next time!

And that’s how we bring you PUT ON YOUR SKATES!

Launching in a bit, shop away at!


Bonjour Mademoiselle! | Behind the Scenes of Cafe de Littleredheels | Launching Sunday, 22 Apr 7pm!

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Ello Ladies!

Once again, it is another EXCITING THURSDAY! This time, we are beating the heat of summer in our secret hideout brewing right in our office! ;)

My lovelies, may I present to you……*DRUMROLL*

We are loving eye POPPING candy colours and indulgence in irresistible cupcakes and macarons this collection! Yes, so-so-so sinful but sometimes we girls just need that extra sugar dose of happiness ;) There is just so many reasons to drooolllllllll over this new collection with its delicious colours, peterpan collars, dove prints and polkadots!!!

Be sure to stay tune this Sunday 7pm! Bon Appetit!

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of the shoot in LRH’s little lair ;P

TADAA!!!! Here is our nimble team in our littleredoffice with everyone busy setting up!

A snapshot of Rachelle (our OPs girl -we like to call her Shell) soooo engrossed in working on the prop that she didnt even know I shot her! Hehehe

Over at another corner, we see petite bubbly SC again, working on the model’s hair…and

Say “PRIVYET (hello in russian)” to our gorgeous new model Elina~


Currently studying in Singapore, Elina came from Russia and we love her for innate quirkiness and rarity – having a Asian height and build! Not forgetting, she is just so much fun to be with! <3

Meanwhile, something was brewing elsewhere….

Jayne started to brush a wig…

HAHAHA! So that was what Jayne was up to! But my gosh, she looks stunning with the wig! Consideration for new haircut perhaps? As always, endless surprises and fun at the LRH shoots!

Here is some duo shots of Elina and Jayne! I swear they have chemistry in them, bringing lots of joy and laughter to us with their little antics! <3 <3 <3

Anyways, would love to tell you more but got to leave the surprise on Sunday 8pm! Preview photos will be up in the next few days so stay with us at wordpress and facebook! We <3 your company~

New Collection: Cafe de Littleredheels | Sun 22 Apr, 7pm Live!

Be sure to stay quirky and happy amidst the busy lifestyle!

LRH loves you x infinity! XOXO


Loving Summer | Behind the Scenes of Summer Haze | Launching Sunday 15 Apr, 8pm!

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Hello ladies!

Hope your summer has been awesome so far! We say embrace our quirky weather and dress like you were born with the Sun.

To attest our love of summer (and of short swing skirts, denim shorts and anything free and flowy), we’ve come up with our next collection with some of our staff favourites!

(Ignore my pink comfort shoes, I was honestly trying to capture the mozzie bites. Itchy but totally worth it.)

We all got up real early because we really wanted to exhibit the ‘Summer-ish’ feel with the love from the morning sun.

We sure got lots of love. I swear I’m a two tone darker at the very least. Sadness.

( Grumpy old nanny doesn’t like to wait for the photog, esp under the scorching sun! )

( Our dear resident model always making sure she looks absolutely ‘Goddess-like’ on set! )

Everyone!! Say “HELLOOOO…” to our new gal on the block (i.e. girl in black) at Little Red Heels! <3

She’s SC, this petite young girl currently pursuing a degree in RDI, whose energy level is seriously off the roof. This is her first outdoor shoot helping out and she was the official Reflector Girl that day.

SC is also a handy girl ’cause she handmade the pretty floral headband whom everyone wanted a piece of (even the photog, scroll down).

Pretty talented aye? :))

( Doesn’t Xuan look like she descended from the gates of Heaven, away from the arms of THOR !?)

( Our Photog spotting the Summer Haze look. This theme is indeed infectious! )

( Another classic look from Xuan: “Are you like, done!?” )

One of my absolute favourite looks from the shoot. Leather jackets are way too cool!

( Whaddup. Mozzies are really sucking my blood. I swear I’m gonna faint like now… -_-“)

( Reasons for smiling: Last outfit of the day and “good company” (background). )

Five gruelling hours later. Our dedicated nimble team braved the sun and heat to bring to you our fabulous upcoming Summer Haze collection!

Excited yet? Remembered to bookmark our blog and like our FaceBook page to catch the first glimpse of the preview soon! Stay tunedddd.

Meanwhile, good luck on Friday the 13th ;)

New Collection: Summer Haze | Sun 15 Apr, 8pm Live!

Be there and get scorched by our hotness! =)

LRH loves you lots! XOXO.

Like & Share on LRH facebook page to win a Vivienne Westwood-esque headscarf from us!

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1. ‘LIKE’ Little Red Heels Page on Facebook
2. ‘LIKE’ and ‘RESHARE’ the preview photos (coming your way at intervals soon) for the new collection launching tomorrow SUNDAY 23 OCTOBER 9PM
3. Send us an email at with your Facebook Name and mailing address.
4. Stand a chance to win a FREE Vivienne Westwood-esque headscarf as seen on Nicole and DX! While stocks last!

We are giving away 30 of these super quirky headscarves! Winners will be announced on LRH page shortly after the launch!

Like and reshare N O W !

School Days! Preview for this coming Saturday/Sunday ❤

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And finally, the preview for the next collection,

This time, we bring you back to school with a twist!
Think: Pleated Buckle Flare Skirt, Dolly Dotty (PE) Jersey Top,
Poppies Scallop Hem Sash Dress (in new colours + extras from BO),
Red Ribbons Bustier Blouse & Belted Swing Dress in happy colours!

Like it better in motion?
We did it again with our crazy video preview. ❤
You really gonna watch it, hunnies!
HERE at our FB

Do like the video AND preview while you are there at FB!

Also help us decide by letting us know
if you prefer a Saturday/Sunday launch!
We like to hear from youuuu! ❤

Keep running, LRH!

Because Alfie got you high.

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While wrapping your packages for the Confetti collection and the Lampshade backorders, the LRH minions went a little crazy…again. We can’t express how much we love the upcoming skater dress! It fits well, and it’s flareeeeee.

To get you a little excited, we had to film this video (but WordPress didn’t allow .mov!).

So, here’s a Facebook link for you girls >

Featured in this video is the Alfie Skater Dress in Brit Blue and Forest Green! (And YES they come with contrast belts!)

More previews coming your way for this week’s new collection. :) Also, check out some of the props we used for this photoshoot too!

Remember, “Like” us on Facebook to get instant updates on your newsfeed.



Preview for today’s series up! 24JULY2011 / 9PM; we love confetti! :)

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Also, you girls have been asking about the super awesome colour-licious belts
that has been paired in many of our recent collections!


We are giving away these belts to THREE of our favourite hashtags on
Twitter and/or Instagram! We will also be sharing these piktures on the blog! Woohoo! : )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Like us on FaceBook to receive instant updates!

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