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Heeeellllooooooo! :D It’ been a reaaaallllyyyyyyy long time since the last post and we hope that you girls haven’t missed us too much (: And well, there’s a really good reason as to why we haven’t been blogging so frequently ^^

Do you girls remember from our last post regarding our last online sales? Well, do you remember the theme for our banner? (scroll down a little further if you forgot, heh!) and all the little pieces of hints we left you guys? (: We’re back for a little update regarding that and to drop you more hints (: *winks*

So many clothes! :D Even men’s wear!

Preparing props! How pretty are these self-designed polaroids! :D

No such thing as too much makeup (:

Getting ready!

Polaroids +  Volkswagon Kombi = perfect match (:

Our kind of playful ^^


Mmmm, would love to have some right now (:

Are all these hints enough for you to guess what’s coming up for Little Red Heels? :P Does it sound exciting and enticing enough? ^^ Want more?

Stay tuned for something ‘RED’, rad and ‘MERRY’ this coming December 2012 :D

We can’t wait to spill it all out for you girls (and guys) because this excitement, is starting to get too big and hard for us to contain!

To find out more and keep yourself updated you can follow these channels:

Instagram : @aforarcade #whatsA

Facebook : and

Twitter: @AforArcade #whatsA



Team LRH


“Moving on” S A L E >> | 11 Oct 2200hrs – 14 Oct 2200hrs

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S A L E – The four letter word all girls love most! No denying about that eh!!

Our webstore will be updated with the ‘Marked-down’ prices on Thurs (11/10) night, 10pm  and reverted back to usual prices on Sun (14/10) night 10pm. Store will also be closed tmr, Thurs (11/10) 4pm-10pm for updates. So you have now till then to browse and make a list of what you want. All items except the last two collections; Basics and Two of a Kind, all Basics and BO designs, will be on ridiculous price reductions.

If you remember our last “Biggest SALE Ever”, this SALE is just as big if not BIGGER!!!!.

Before we go further, here’s the HOW to SHOP (Terms and Conditions) that will ensure you get the items you so yearn for at ridiculously low prices and most importantly, within the shortest possible time!!


1. Unpaid Invoices will be deleted every 6 hours, so please ensure timely payments.

2. No combining of invoices as this will greatly slow down our order’s processing which will in turn delay your shipments

3. No changes can be made once your order has been placed as this will also result in delay of shipments

4. Store Credits and Promos of any kind are not applicable to purchases made during this SALE period

5. Goods sold during this SALE period are strictly non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-returnable

6. We sincerely apologize if replies during this period are slow as our office do not operate over the weekends. As such please start browsing the store once you see this to decide what you want to buy so you do not have to wait for a reply, cos by then we are sure the item would already have been snatched up

7. Please make sure payments for your invoices are in by Sunday 14 Oct 2359hrs, this is to ensure fairness to all customers who makes responsible and fast purchases. If payment comes in late, your invoices that has no payment details submitted will be considered void and deleted from the system

8. Lastly, Self-collection option is now made available when you submit your payment details. Simply enter a ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ in the ‘Address’ and ‘Postal Code’ fields respectively to notify us when you would like to come down to our office (511 Guillemard Rd Grandlink Square #02-30 S399849) for self-collection.

**Collections can only be done starting Wednesday 17 Oct, choose a time within the time slots of 2-5pm or 5-8pm on weekdays. This is the timing you will indicate within the ‘Postal Code’ field when you submit payment details

<3 <3 <3


Now that we’re done with the T&Cs of navigating this SALE, reason for such a theme for our SALE banner??

It’s been 6 years since LRH began as a quaint little store that peddles DIY accessories to now, curating and manufacturing clothings that caters to the trend sensitive youths of our generation. We are “Moving On” to the next chapter within the coming few months. If you haven’t heard, we have started a new menswear line

What’s to come out of this two entities, and It’s something we hope you will stay tune for. That’s all we can reveal for now… :)

* HINT * The image above actually has a subtle hint to our rebranding/realignment directions. You will understand in the coming months. LOL

Big cheers to all our loyal supporters,



Loving Summer | Behind the Scenes of Summer Haze | Launching Sunday 15 Apr, 8pm!

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Hello ladies!

Hope your summer has been awesome so far! We say embrace our quirky weather and dress like you were born with the Sun.

To attest our love of summer (and of short swing skirts, denim shorts and anything free and flowy), we’ve come up with our next collection with some of our staff favourites!

(Ignore my pink comfort shoes, I was honestly trying to capture the mozzie bites. Itchy but totally worth it.)

We all got up real early because we really wanted to exhibit the ‘Summer-ish’ feel with the love from the morning sun.

We sure got lots of love. I swear I’m a two tone darker at the very least. Sadness.

( Grumpy old nanny doesn’t like to wait for the photog, esp under the scorching sun! )

( Our dear resident model always making sure she looks absolutely ‘Goddess-like’ on set! )

Everyone!! Say “HELLOOOO…” to our new gal on the block (i.e. girl in black) at Little Red Heels! <3

She’s SC, this petite young girl currently pursuing a degree in RDI, whose energy level is seriously off the roof. This is her first outdoor shoot helping out and she was the official Reflector Girl that day.

SC is also a handy girl ’cause she handmade the pretty floral headband whom everyone wanted a piece of (even the photog, scroll down).

Pretty talented aye? :))

( Doesn’t Xuan look like she descended from the gates of Heaven, away from the arms of THOR !?)

( Our Photog spotting the Summer Haze look. This theme is indeed infectious! )

( Another classic look from Xuan: “Are you like, done!?” )

One of my absolute favourite looks from the shoot. Leather jackets are way too cool!

( Whaddup. Mozzies are really sucking my blood. I swear I’m gonna faint like now… -_-“)

( Reasons for smiling: Last outfit of the day and “good company” (background). )

Five gruelling hours later. Our dedicated nimble team braved the sun and heat to bring to you our fabulous upcoming Summer Haze collection!

Excited yet? Remembered to bookmark our blog and like our FaceBook page to catch the first glimpse of the preview soon! Stay tunedddd.

Meanwhile, good luck on Friday the 13th ;)

New Collection: Summer Haze | Sun 15 Apr, 8pm Live!

Be there and get scorched by our hotness! =)

LRH loves you lots! XOXO.

LRH is hiring! Executive level Openings. Apply Now!

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Like & Share on LRH facebook page to win a Vivienne Westwood-esque headscarf from us!

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1. ‘LIKE’ Little Red Heels Page on Facebook
2. ‘LIKE’ and ‘RESHARE’ the preview photos (coming your way at intervals soon) for the new collection launching tomorrow SUNDAY 23 OCTOBER 9PM
3. Send us an email at with your Facebook Name and mailing address.
4. Stand a chance to win a FREE Vivienne Westwood-esque headscarf as seen on Nicole and DX! While stocks last!

We are giving away 30 of these super quirky headscarves! Winners will be announced on LRH page shortly after the launch!

Like and reshare N O W !

Travelogue Part I – London x Madrid

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what i wore, erm, this month

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First and foremost,

Glad you girls like it! We will still a little jittery considering
we’ve been cutting ourselves more slacks on LRH than we like.

Work is crazy, especially for Zi.
That poor babe. Hang in there, girl!

Here’s what we’ve been owing youuuu!

I think it will be more appropriately called,

WIWTW, as in what I wore this week
or maybe even WIWTM, i.e. this month.

Meh. My bad. *guilty grin

To kickstart things today, here’s WIWT!

This floral cropped top is in the line up for Little Red Heels (

Paired with a ribbed racer back singlet which will be launched, soon, too!
A little thinner than our previous Lego Singlet but it is ultra comfort and great fit.
Most of all, like its predecessor, it’s long enough to cover your bootie! We love!

This shall be a total vanity post
so here’s what I wore erm, that day.


My Merlion lookalike scallop hem shorts romper.

The resemblance is uncanny, but me like!



Received a lot of positive comments on the top that day. In any case,
those who thinks it’s fugly probably won’t tell me anyway. Heh.

As long as I like it! Whateverrrr.


Not only I like this, so do both our models, Xuan and Linda.
I only managed to lay my hands on 3 pieces for this adorable lace+dot combi.

You do the math. It’s longer up for sale on LRH. Urpsy. : )


Finally, the piece that my sister really like but can’t fit cause the bottom is really not stretchy.

This is the ONLY bandage till date that I look decent in.
All thanks to fat butt and humongous hips, but still thank you Mummy.

I heartttt GREEN! I think you will see me in this piece quite alot.

That’s it! : )

I’ll tryyyy to keep up with this. Pfft.

I’m also going away from 30MAR-03APR!

So possibly no WIWT during that period,
I’ll probably be wrapped up in ugly winter clothes,
and I don’t care if it’s ugly as long as it keeps me warm.


all items handled by me will have to wait till I come back yea?

It’ll be most advisable if you make payment by this Friday so
I can still try to send your packages over the weekend!

Thank you girls so much for your kind understanding and patience!

And of course, your continuous support! Love you all deep deep!


new series coming up; you see it here first

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Ready for a buttery flight?

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I know you girls love this! Promise to hunt more down, else I might get them manufactured to satisfy your craving.

Meanwhile for those who are keen, drop your name in the pending list! So we can get in touch if we ever manage to get more. :)




Meanwhile, I’ll be jetting off again on 2-6 June again! All payments made on 1 June will be verified and sent out before I am off. Else, will appreciate your very kind patience and I’ll be back to reply all your emails and sending of packages. Zi will still be around, no worries!

The weekend is ending! Enjoy loves! : )

Love love,

Little Red Heels twitters

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Hello huns, how was your Valentine’s Day?

Mine was spent blissfully in the comfort of home, away from the mad V-day crowd. But strange you think, couples seems extraordinarily sweet and lovey (ok, there are a few exceptions and those who anti this day) and or at least they act like they are. Heh.

Yes, it’s commercial. But it’s still never hurts to be extra nice sometimes since we tend to forget and start taking each other for granted. : )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

If you haven’t check out our V-day collection, you really should:

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And another thing, which is possibly a good news for you girls! I just gave myself a sack and ended my very first full time job after mere 7 months. There was a hell lot of drama in between – but I still think it has been a good 7 months. What I can’t wait is, to start to the ball rolling again at Little Red Heels. 

It has been a slow 7 months since I started work but you know what, I am backkkkie! And Zi and I will make sure we rock off socks your little red heels! : )

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Last but not least, yes huns, we are still on the look out for Little Red Heels’ Next Top Model. Sorry we kind of put things on a hold  ’cause we were all overwhelmed with the adult life (i.e. work!).

For those who submitted your photos, we are looking through them right now and reviewing them seriously!

For those who are interested, we are open for more! Please keep them coming..

This was the post where you can find more information:

Random is our middle name.

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i like things created in randomness.

because most of the time, the unplanned
implies an element of surprise.

just like how i got this when all i was really trying to do,
was to stitch the pictures into one.

obviously, didn’t succeed but at least,
this turned up decent.


hope your first 6 days of 2009
has been a fatabulous one!

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