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Hello babes, Min here! Hugs and kisses. <3

I haven’t been blogging a long time for Little Red Heels. Hope all is good for everyoneeeee!

Things has been busy busy for LRH of late – sourcing for designs, brainstorming for launch ideas, looking for awesome photoshoot venues and working on a secret (ssshhh) project at the same time. More on the latter in time to come. :)

So everyone loves the Hooked Bustier Tops we know, and because you girls ask for it, we found your new swag print of the season, AZTEC! Woohoo. We were super excited about this and trying hard to keep it down till it’s time to launch it.

Introducing the models for the collection:

Since we are at a skating park, we decided to loan our minions’ blades just for fun, and mind you, our minions are purportedly really good skaters.

We started with some crash course for dear Model J, who on hindsight, is a pretty fast learner (as compared to *** , scroll down).

Model M is wearing our new split side maxi skirt, my super love pick for this collection! You have to own this, really.

(Side note: Mio is a really good skater. She actually skated up the ramp, applause! Looks and talent rolled into one. Envious much.)

To inject more fun, we got Jayne a pink honey bear fur hat for the shoot and everyone wants a piece of it!

Hoho. Jayne is totally rocking the look and is super Jappy cute in it!

Haha, photog C is going to kill me. So cute lar!

Even the models are laughing at him.

I’ll balanced the joke on Collin with some embarrassing shots of me attempting to blade. -_-”

For the record, I really suck at this. I was shrieking, falling and crashing into walls. Then my butt started cramping up minutes after. Sigh.

Sorry Jaynie baby for laughing at you. YOU WIN. Heh. :)

Thanks Minion K for being the patient teacher, you girls have to show us how to do it like a pro next time!

And that’s how we bring you PUT ON YOUR SKATES!

Launching in a bit, shop away at!



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  1. mylittlebexi said, on July 7, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Awesome photographs and models, really like!

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