ROCK THE GLAM| Behind the Scenes of Glamour Partay!!! | Launching Sunday 13 May 8PM

Posted in Uncategorized by littleredblog on May 11, 2012

Time to vamp up and glam up fashionistas!

Here’s another launch coming your way this week to satisfy your insatiable blogholic addiction!

This shoot is all about Rocking the Glamour, Little Red Heels FUN STYLE ;)

Prepping time! :DDD

We always <3 this part because, everyone’s in action!

Fun-loving Jayne working on her makeup!

Simply adore her highlighted hair though it looks abit like shrunken maggi mee in this photo XP

Busying working on hair….

meanwhile SC spotting a hair bun – Complete makeover to our “ah soh”  XP

And how can we forget…our dear Min -in- action! <333

Smileeeee ~

Atlas, work is finally commencing. P.S. dont cha <3 the EeXuan and Jayne pairing ;P

 Ee Xuan demonstrating her “Put Fake Eyelash”  flair by helping Jayne out!

Just look at this my dearies, some good ol’ Model Love and Friendship! *THUMBS UP*

And thus! We HAD to give them a perfect doppelgänger-inspired shots!

Perfecto! :)))))

Ready to rock our Glamour Partay!!! yet?

Spotted the new pieces launching soon? *WINKS*

Stay tune for preview photos to be upped on Fridayyy Night! So hang around our wordpress and facebook!

New Collection: Glamour Partay!!!| Sun 13 May, 8pm Live!

Glamour up in style and rock your wardrobe <3

LRH loves you x infinity! XOXO


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