Hairs Up! | Behind the Scenes of Mane Tale | Launching Wednesday 9 May 8PM

Posted in Uncategorized by littleredblog on May 9, 2012

Having a blast mi ladies???

Yes, my dearies, recently Little Red Heels jammed packed with lotsa of excitement and little surprises for you!

Before I start raving on our epic Behind the Scenes of Mane Tale, lets welcome a precious team member on board…


a.k.a. Graphic Designer in Action!

Another stunning creative talent from Lasalle, Krystal shall join our little family for a brief yet fulfilling 3 months *THUMBS UP*

Back to topic! Bet many of you had already caught a glimpse of our Mane Tale Shoot! We totally rocked the Pinnacle @ Duxton this round! Truly one of the places with best panoramic skyline view of our little country!

Can you believe this is Singapore!?

and just went I thought it will be some high class building…its actually a HDB *facepalms*

Amazing isnt it! This has got to be a must-visit destination for any Singaporeans! ;DDD

Anyways, enough of all the admiring, time for real work!

As usual, everyone started cracking on their roles…

SC hastily fixing Ee Xuan’s shoes to start the ball rolllinnn”

and finally, W.I.P. – work in progress ;)

We also discovered SC had a new job for the day: Portable Accessory Holder! HAHAHAHAHA

Truly, our authentic “Ah Soh” sometimes…XDDDD

And for a while, Ee Xuan and Collin had to move off to somewhere to shoot a scene for our L’Oreal Stopmotion Video,

thus leaving a chance for the crew on that day (SC and Shell) for……….

JUMPSHOT!!! <3 <3 <3

P.S. facebook profile pic worthy! *Thumbs Up*

And the funniest incident of the day was officially caught in this shot! SC actually injured herself after this jumpshot when she landed! But no worries, she aint require any ambulance or something. Lesson learnt: Being mischievous had a price to pay. *NODS*

From day to sunset, it was a long shoot, but we definitely see it reaping its rewards so far :)))

The Epic Expressions of  Cui, nuffsaid. ;P

But dont cha just loved the warm colour of  a mythical sunset! We definitely were! Especially,

Ee Xuan! Posing a gleeeeee expression in commemoration of a epic Mane Tale shoot! <3

It is almost 12 HOURS TO LAUNCH!  So dont forget our dinner date tonight! Follow our wordpress and facebook for more exciting updates that shall blow your mind! *WINKS*

New Collection: Mane Tale| Wed 9 May, 8pm Live!

Wear the Mane Tale Collection with your gorgeous hair ;D

LRH loves you x infinity! XOXO


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