Ladies! Where are you heading to? | Behind the Scenes of Urban Lights | Launching Sunday, 29 Apr 8pm!

Posted in BTS, entertainment by littleredblog on April 26, 2012

Great HELLO to everyone~

 How has your week been so far?

Are you already excited and wondering about our coming launch? Here’s more updates on our ever popular behind the scenes drama and never ending fun, laughter and joy! ;)

This shoot was lotsa fun as it reverts back to the urban life with street-styled theme. Yes, something like  a stylestalker *winks*

Labour day is descending upon us soon and we would love to reward you – our dearlies with great chic ideas to dress for school/work <3

So dont forget to tune in at LRH on Sunday 29 Apr 8pm!

Anyways, before I go rambling off course again, here’s our BTS~

As usual, our dear photographer Collin working on setting up the studio!

Meanwhile our models are prepping themselves up for another round of intoxicating fun indoor shoot!

Hahaha! Our dear Jayne munching on some amazing cookies she brought and shared the joy with the crew,thanks Jayne! <3

A perfect caught in progress shot with  SC busy prepping Ee Xuan for the shoot~

Hehehe! Jayne with her antics timely caught on camera ;)

And off we go~ Starting the shoot…

Our photographer working hard on capturing great shots to inflate you with images that shall trigger and excite your visual senses!

Meanwhile, we see petite SC pumped up with infinite energy and assisting the creative direction of  the shoot and yes, the contrast of their height is almost impeccable in this image ;P

Some awesome help from Jayne in Ee Xuan’s shots! Apparently, Jayne was attempting to be a human fan for Ee Xuan long luscious hair!

Not only was it help! It was a bundle of laughter for Ee Xuan who was trying so hard to contain her laughter in the background! *P.S. look at her facial expression!Hahahaha!*

And lastly, my fave for the day……….

“A la Edna Mode”

As our photographer Collin termed it! ;)

So ladies are you prep up for the launch already??? The BTS has revealed some prettaye designs that shall be launched! So remember to stay tune! Preview photos will be up in the next few days so stay with us at wordpress and facebook!

New Collection: Urban Lights| Sun 29 Apr, 8pm Live!

Be fashionable on the move my dearlies~

LRH loves you x infinity! XOXO


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