Surprise! What do you think we are up to again? ;)

Posted in BTS, entertainment by littleredblog on April 24, 2012

Lovely to have you guys here again!

There we have it, the usual boring Monday Blues!

But at LRH today, it was another fun day preparing for our coming shoot this week. Saw the new products to be launch this week and I HAD TO SHARE IT- too irresistible and <3 <3 <3!!! Here’s a sneak peek for you lucky ones!

Am loving all the colours and prints! It will definitely leaves you fluttering with butterflies in your stomach – immeasurable excitement for our coming launch!

Leaving the wardrobe aside, it is time to flex those artistic muscles! Our little SC has once again unleashed her creativity flair and created the cutest bag and clutch made of cardboard! Totally magical <3

Dont cha just wish it was real!?

Simply cant wait to see how these props in the photoshoot! And before I go, here’s a teasing odd photo of one more prop that we will be using! Can you guess what is our theme already? ;)

Remember to continue to stay tune to our blog and facebook for more fun updates.

We want to share with you our Littleredheels story :)))))

LRH love you x MILLIONS! xoxo!


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