Bonjour Mademoiselle! | Behind the Scenes of Cafe de Littleredheels | Launching Sunday, 22 Apr 7pm!

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Ello Ladies!

Once again, it is another EXCITING THURSDAY! This time, we are beating the heat of summer in our secret hideout brewing right in our office! ;)

My lovelies, may I present to you……*DRUMROLL*

We are loving eye POPPING candy colours and indulgence in irresistible cupcakes and macarons this collection! Yes, so-so-so sinful but sometimes we girls just need that extra sugar dose of happiness ;) There is just so many reasons to drooolllllllll over this new collection with its delicious colours, peterpan collars, dove prints and polkadots!!!

Be sure to stay tune this Sunday 7pm! Bon Appetit!

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of the shoot in LRH’s little lair ;P

TADAA!!!! Here is our nimble team in our littleredoffice with everyone busy setting up!

A snapshot of Rachelle (our OPs girl -we like to call her Shell) soooo engrossed in working on the prop that she didnt even know I shot her! Hehehe

Over at another corner, we see petite bubbly SC again, working on the model’s hair…and

Say “PRIVYET (hello in russian)” to our gorgeous new model Elina~


Currently studying in Singapore, Elina came from Russia and we love her for innate quirkiness and rarity – having a Asian height and build! Not forgetting, she is just so much fun to be with! <3

Meanwhile, something was brewing elsewhere….

Jayne started to brush a wig…

HAHAHA! So that was what Jayne was up to! But my gosh, she looks stunning with the wig! Consideration for new haircut perhaps? As always, endless surprises and fun at the LRH shoots!

Here is some duo shots of Elina and Jayne! I swear they have chemistry in them, bringing lots of joy and laughter to us with their little antics! <3 <3 <3

Anyways, would love to tell you more but got to leave the surprise on Sunday 8pm! Preview photos will be up in the next few days so stay with us at wordpress and facebook! We <3 your company~

New Collection: Cafe de Littleredheels | Sun 22 Apr, 7pm Live!

Be sure to stay quirky and happy amidst the busy lifestyle!

LRH loves you x infinity! XOXO



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