hello, mini you.

Posted in entertainment, LRH, media, zi by littleredblog on December 1, 2011

alrighty, this is Zi here finally blogging.


by now, all you Facebook likers would have seen the preview photos of our upcoming collection. i must say, Little Red Heels has been pretty lucky at our photoshoots these days – be it, photoshoot locations, props and ideas. The very creative yet a little weird Fish minion has been the mastermind behind most of these shoots. Aww, how I’m going to miss her dearly while she travels Europe in December. :'(

so, we got connected to Julian Kho, affectionately called King Julian – who owns the vintage Mini Cooper and very nicely agreed to us using his little vehicle for our last shoot. I can’t express how grateful the LRH team is with him and his friends who came down to help out that day. King Julian and gang helped carry the clothes, the accessories, the mobile changing room, and braved through the sudden rain pour with us, standing by until our shoot was over.

in return, here’s a short write-up on Julian, in his own words –

The mind of the writer offers many different kinds of experiences and adventures with extreme settings that differentiate him from other writers. He sits down, listens to The Beatles, Bon Iver, Oasis, John Lennon, Guns and Roses, Wolfmother, The Hollies, The Doves, The Killers, Coldplay, Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Libertines, Radiohead, The XX, Wilco and thinks. The accompaniment of the casual scotch and beer completes his daily lifestyle picture as he types the different angles of life.

Given that raw is war, he decides to start a website worthy of a concert that will explode into a stadium-size epic. Straightforward, harsh and raw but no less humble. It’s all about love, movements, moments, dreams, rights and wrongs. They call this site poetry. Julian, I believe, calls it bullshitting.


Julian has his own website – – on which he uploads photos from his leisure photographic stance and some graphic work he did. An avid writer about cars, he invites you to his humble abode to find out more about him. He welcomes any chances of collaboration too! Read his work today!


Now, enjoy the preview photos for tonight’s launch and we will be with you soon!

Love <3 , Zi


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  1. qianhui said, on December 4, 2011 at 12:21 am

    For the double pocket forever top, are there any functional buttons?

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