Re-store the Preloved, Re-member the Goodness

Posted in Uncategorized by littleredblog on November 20, 2011

Hi Ladies!

We are so quiet here you girls might have forgotten the voice of LRH! This is Minion Fish speaking, roger that!

For the upcoming launch, we will be bringing in an awesomeness vintage dress. I swooned a billion times when I first set my eyes upon it! I attest, do not think I am exaggerating. And also, versatile reversible polka-dotted/solid colour top! Please be very interested. Both are pioneering the scene in a way!

Well,  let’s all put our minds off the clothing for a minute. We have been extremely lucky with photo shoot locations and we met Meg, one of the owners of ReStore who granted us a photo shoot at their store!

Visit their website at :

124 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088533

Restore specialises in the REselling of  REstored furniture from the past. We were so in love with all the cushioned chairs of various prints and also the absolutely lovely wooden dressing table! With mirrors taking care of all possible angles!

Dressing Table Madness

While Nicole busy herself with the posing, Me and Master Zi would be toying around with artifacts, tadah, the perfect wooden wardrobe with the full length mirror we all covet!

Master Zi in her Power Glasses

Ok, I can’t help but rave about how good the waffles are! Berry goodness, and not forgetting the homemade Banana Walnut Muffins and Bagels with Caramel Cream Cheese, FRESH FROM THE OVEN! But, oh well, as Master Min have said, at LRH we try not to destroy the weighing scale so we only ordered the waffles and muffin! :( HAHAHA. just joking! Also, Restore serves gourmet teas and coffees as well!

Coffee Tea or Me

Photoshoots like this are always to look forward to! <3 Tiring nonetheless but, we are all so delighted with happy pictures at the end of the day!

We think of restoring vintage dresses, and they restore vintage furnitures, so that makes one of us! Do drop by for some coffee, tea, bagels, waffles, chairs, tables…. SOON! <3



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  1. Hwee min said, on November 25, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Thanks for the post! See u guys at ReStore again soon!

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