New series on 9JUN2011, THU/9PM; a collaboration with TTR!

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I absolutely love love love this season. All the bright bold colours; totally yummilicious!

I just secretly hope this trend stays for long so everyone can just indulge in the happy vibes a while longer. Seeing happy colours, and wearing them. I bet there are less depressed people around too.

Smile, people, smile! : )

Following a very happy launch with TVD and MGG for our Lampshade Skirt, this week Little Red Heels collaborated with The Tinsel Rack to bring a super adorable scallop hem AND polkadot tank dress. Basically, we just throw all that we love into the dress and it came out like that! Haha. We like.

LRH has it in poppy red with nude polkadots & cabbage green with navy polkadots;

while TTR has it in strawberry shortcake with black polkadots & bubblegum blue with nude polkadots.

I deliberately wore it out yesterday before the launch so I can make sure the colour is true to pic when I do the photoshop-ping, and so I can feel the happy vibes as we launched it! Heh.

Muahaha. Sorry, it’s all crumpled. I was rushing out in the morning but seriously, this material just smooths out as you wear it. So heh, pardon me ok? If you are sharp to realise, I took away the sash later in the day ’cause I saw this cute pink patent belt lying around and it just totally made the whole dress even cuter!

Anyway, the girls looks superb in this dress! I think Nicole especially rock the cabbage green shade with her super fair complexion.

Here’s the link to buy the dress: Poppies Scallop Dress

And this is TTR’s colours: Poppies Scallop Dress

Dingxuan is seriously crazy. Haha. But we all love herrrr! : )

All these collaborations are really fun! We had wanted to do photoshoots together but it’s so hard to get all the schedules to meet, but it’s still really good experience for us at Little Red Heels! Much l♥♥♥ve to TVD, MGG & TTR! : )

Tell us if you like them at our formspring!

Gonna stop abruptly now and off to sleep!
Long day tomorrow, but it’s TGIF babeeees!
Hang on there & enjoy your weekends! : )

Psst.. Go to to check out Linda’s latest hairstyle!


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  1. v said, on June 10, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    hey babes!
    just wanna say thank you for bringing in/manufacturing so many of them cute, girlie dresses!
    its so hard to find blogshops manufacturing really pretty and girlie dresses these days!
    thank you again and please continue manufacturing cute dresses for us!! :)

  2. littleredblog said, on June 17, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Awww thank you so much! :)
    We’re very very touched. :)
    Gives us enough motivation to continue bringing more exciting stuff to you girls!

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