Posted in fashion, LRH, new series by littleredblog on May 3, 2011

Hello hunnie bunnies!

As promised, I’m putting up the preview pictures for this Wednesday’s collection. The items are a mix of Spring hyper colours and wide-leg pants, and the upcoming Summer season themes – think, denim and beachwear. You girls should be able to guess why the next collection is called “In Transit” – the items in the series were selectively launched to help tide you through the in-between. And, perhaps also because I’d be en route to Tokyo when Min and our design pixie get this collection uploaded. Excited much, albeit the 2nd time to this amazing city (but first time for a real vacation?). Some of you might have already known from FB that I’m no longer a ginkouin, but working on LRH for you. :)

We’re re-launching our LRH sold-out-high-waisted shorts – now with colours suitable for the Summer. We received a few emails from curious customers with very sharp eyes who spotted the new colours; but we’re still going to only show the ones that have already been exposed. :) Did you girls just ask for red shorts?

Spring has not ended, so does our enthusiasm for bright happy colours. This LRH double sleeve dress comes in 4 excitingly vibrant colours; flirty enough for a girls’ day out, yet demure enough for work too. A day-and-night dress is always good for investment, no? :)

We also have this adorable piece of LRH chiffon skirt we call a fusion of seasons – the floral and confetti prints are your Spring representatives and the flirty folds and material are what you need this Summer.

Lastly, I’m ending off this post with a pair of palazo pants (very Kate Moss; very Spring; very Topshop) and a print exclusive denim dress (yes, you absolutely want to stock up some denim pieces for this Summer! this piece is very Little Red Heels-polka dottie).

Enjoy shopping while I’m in Tokyo, girlies. See you at on 4 May, 9pm!


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