what’s brewing at LITTLEREDHEELS!

Posted in LRH, min, self manufactured by littleredblog on December 18, 2010


hello honeys!!

this is no joke! we have gotten
so many manufactured items lined up
all the way to Lunar New  Year. :)

(Yeppie, those stocks are coincidentally
flooding Min’s bedroom that she can’t close
her bedroom door and have to sometimes
leap from point A to point B.)

The good news are,

Min will be stationed in Sillypore for
the next 2 months. So no more monthly
week-long MIA which I have to thank
you girls for being so patient and
understanding thus far. <3

Zi will also be back end of this
month from her 6 months (is it called)
attachment in US – that lucky girl!

Things are looking good good GOOD!

If all goes as planned,
LRH will be back on our feet with weekly launches.


We start with THIS pretty piece,
inspired from the runway this season.

Available in nautical (as above)
and vintage floral prints.

Watch this space or better still,
for updates on launch date and time!

You really don’t want to miss this dress! :)

For those who are still awaiting my emails,
please give me till this weekend and
I’ll ensure satisfactory replies to all!


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