Posted in fashion, min by littleredblog on September 26, 2009

Yes, they are amongst us

& fashionably fabulous!

Have you caught a glimpse of the cover by now?

I hope you like it! I personally like it quite a lot. *rubs my ego*

But what I love even more is the redness that is splattered in this series!

Bright tomato red is tres NOW!
(Yes, it’s not just a colour for Lunar New Year.)

There’s so many ways to wear these.

Like our colour exclusive red hot chilli
Crimson Fox Flare Sash Skirt, in the style of Peaches Geldof.
This skirt is an absolute love of mine. I have this skirt in black (from M)phosis), in fuchsia and yellow, and finally decided we should all have this in RED. Definitely not to be missed.

Or if you are a vintage or Balmain fan, we bring you
Aurora Shoulder Brooch Padded TunicRouge Power Shoulder Waisted Top.
The latter is my personal pick ’cause it’s so easy to pair it up to make a past season bottom instantly ‘now’.

And this lovely piece – Wonder Woman Colour Stir Dress!
I kept one for myself and worn it the very same day I got it ’cause it just irresistible!
The psychedelic colour stir fabric is really soft and comfortable, and yes, incredibly pretty.
If you think red isn’t your colour, you don’t have to worry with this colour stir beauty.

That’s not just it.

If you are as big as a POLKADOT fan as I am, you will love this collection.

And specifically, this vintage piece I picked out from my mummy’s wardrobe!
It was love at first sight and I just had to reproduce it to share the gorgeousness of it!
Very fabulous, I totally dig this loads.

Lois Lane Vintage Polkadot Dress, exclusively manufactured by LRH

And we also picked up this Chloe inspired scallop hem skirt in POLKADOTS yet again!
Like our self manufactured Lois Lane dress, the fabric is specially selected us for comfort and style.
You will not regret this!

Storm Scallop Hem Polkadot Skirt

What are you waiting for?

SHOP NOW at WWW.ILOVELRH.COM to view the latest series.

P.S. Min will be leaving for a work trip from 29 Sep to 4 Oct.
Meanwhile, Zi will be around to assist with your queries and purchases.
Any items handled by Min might be delayed but I’ll get them right to you when I am back, asap!

Thanks girlies for your continuous support and very kind understanding! :)


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  1. yanlin said, on September 26, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Hey there!

    just wanted to say… GREAT Post! The superheroines theme is fresh and bold :) It really caught my attention. And the clothes really speak for themselves – uber chic, young and fun. Great work! I managed to get myself a few items just from this one post… can’t wait for it to arrive! Fantastic job! :)

    P.S. Just wanted to ask if Storm Scallop Hem Polkadot Skirt will be manufactured in larger sizes, say UK10-12? I’m really interested in them but it’s a pity it only comes in a smaller size.

    Look forward to your next post!

  2. littleredblog said, on March 10, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    Hi babe, I’ve never knew I can check my comments at one go and I hate to only realise it now. But I still have to say, thank youuuu so much for your compliment. It made me smile and we will keep coming up with fun themes!

    Thanks for your support! I hope we served you well! :)

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