Oh! I Wish.

Posted in LRH, min by littleredblog on September 8, 2009

The inspiration of this new series really came from Sandi Thom’s
I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair).
The song kept ringing in my head and I just had to give in to it.

If you haven’t heard this song, you should hear AND watch it (here).
The music video is really pretty interesting. :)

OKAY, the point is, so here we have.

Yeppie, if you can be anything you want.

We share a few of what we could have want to be,
if life is less materialistic and we could just be kids running wild with funny dreams.

Like, the Sailor Girl!

Or maybe,

Naming this ASOS delight the Candyman (or woman)!
You can surround yourself with candies all day long, imagine all the smiling faces. :)

Heh. We included a lot more absurb ones, like Teaparty Lady (think Bree in Desperate Housewives), Cowgirl & Girl Scout (hello boys), Patisserie (yummy), Tooth Fairy (urm yah!), and some others where I don’t even know what they really meant like the Fancy Rocker.

Oh wells, we tried our best. Heh.

Why not you leave us a comment and tell us what you would have want to be if you can anyone or anything in the world! We love to hear from you!


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