Growing with Little Red Heels

Posted in media, min by littleredblog on March 30, 2009

I decided to compile some of the very kind features that were done on Little Red Heels from when we first started in 2006. I am sure there are some interviews and especially a video (awkward one with the interviewers speaking in chinese, and us replying in english) out there I missed, but will add them to the new Media section (right) as and when I find them.

The latest interview was with SGentrepreneurs – much thanks to Kim Sia, one of 3 co-founders of we met at a recent photoshoot, who hooked us up wih Gwen from the aforementioned website.

You can click to read more.



This feature was stumbled upon but a pleasant surprise in any case. Thank you!


Not forgetting our very first feature by Fashion Nation, just 1 month into setting up Little Red Heels. If I remember correctly, they were a fresh fashion blog then, but if you check back Fashion Nation now, they have grown and mature so much. I hope Little Red Heels has grown and not disappoint too!



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  1. si ling said, on April 13, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    hey min,

    here’s the link to the video. the “awkward one with the interviewers speaking in chinese, and us replying in english” ha. and yep, in case u havent figured out, i was one of the interviewers.

    sorry, shld have given it to you long ago but somehow things slipped outta my mind.

    and yes, i do read this space and check out ur stuff still. :)

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