Ettusais Bazaar on hindsight

Posted in entertainment, flea, min by littleredblog on January 14, 2009

UPDATE – Check out the Little Red Heels group in Facebook. We updated with photos from the Ettusais’ bazaar:


And so we completed the bazaar. I must say, it’s been quite a while since we are out there and meeting you girls. It’s fabtabulous to say the least! It’s a gentle reminder of our humble beginnings – a random blogshop started by 2 friends where our customers became our friends as we go along, growing with us, evolving and learning.

We are still learning, we still have much plans unexecuted, we are still growing. Slowly but surely.

Bleh, I am going to blame work, WORK. There’s a lot more I wish I could do. Sleepless nights working on the site, and sleeping in when the sun shines high. That was pretty much it for a brief 3 months after graduation and before I got bored and stepped into the working world.

You may think it’s silly, but it’s guilt that I feel when I know I could have done a lot more. It’s the better of 2 evils. I could either feel guilt for not working enough for LRH, or guilt for not chasing after my childhood career dreams.


Either way, I don’t want to not live it when I could and regret later. For now, I am trying play the balance game till I decide if the newfound interests have indeed evolved into passion, and if the supposed passion was nothing more than fluff.

Till then, I am working right on everything and anything.


If you are not living your dreams as yet, quit dreaming and start chasing them. Make that your new year resolution, and you might just wind up with a pleasant surprise.

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