Posted in LRH, min, shoes by littleredblog on July 20, 2008

Hi darlings,

Min’s here! Xiang is still away, probably indulging in shopping heaven on pretence of working. But it’s all good! Xiang, shop moreeee and remember my souvenir! Heh. (Though she probably won’t get to see this ’cause she has no internet access.)

I’ve finally launched a series – I LOVE…. I am so sorry hunnies this came rather late. My trusty camera decided to die on me and it is still at the repair. This series is the product of desperate camera loan from random friends and family members. Pfft, I never realise I am that dependent on my camera.

I hope you like the series anyhow! A little weekend treat for you very patient ladies! This series really holds some of the items I really like myself! The rainbow necklace. The green overalls. The office chic skirt, I love this so much I have it in 2 colours. Lalala.

So Great Singapore Sale is over (or is it almost over, hmm). I hope you girls have shopped alot! If you hadn’t, you should have! I love good bargains and sales. In fact, Xiang and I bonded over our many Isetan Private Sales together. I’ll save that story for another day but it was crazy. Hahaha.

Here’s my favourite GSS sale for 2008:

Patent barbie pink heels from Zara! I think it’s $59.90 but it’s not everyday you see a heels so barbie doll like, and I bought it even though it was 1 size bigger. Guess 2 insoles won’t hurt? Heh.

Wanna flaunt your best GSS buy? Email us at with the picture, place of buy and price, and we will upload it onto this blog!

I miss you girls! If you miss us, feel free to email us to just chat! Anytime!

Love love,


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